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Our Process

As a client, you will experience a structured process that systematically takes you from information gathering to decision-making and moves you closer to your future financial goals:


We meet initially to learn more about each other: to ask you what you would like to accomplish, and to share with you more about who we are and how we like to work. If you decide to move forward, we will guide you through an established process to help achieve your goals. We offer three levels of service based on your needs:

  1. Foundational planning 
  2. Modular planning 
  3. Comprehensive planning

Data Gathering and Analysis

Should we mutually agree to proceed, the next steps entails gathering financial information that we use to analyze your current situation and to identify gaps.


Once we have a firm understanding of where you are today versus where you would like to be, we can recommend a suitable course of action.


We deliver your plan. You have a choice to implement with us or any other provider. Our hope is that based on your experience to date, you will engage our services.


We will implement products and solutions based on your needs.

Monitor and Review

We will stay in contact with you over the course of the year, monitor your progress and make recommendations and tweaks as necessary to ensure you stay on track.